Q. HTTP requests per half hour

From: Zeus V. Panchenko <zeus@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 18:27:39 +0300


Please, can anybody answer me?

From squid logs I can find the number of http requests per half hour.
Is it possible to understand from that number, that I need or need not to
upgrade my hardware. I have no example to compare, so I decided to ask.

For example:

If number of http requests per half hour is 1000-2000 it's OK, but if 3000
it's necessary to add RAM or change processor or anything else.

My squid 1.1.16 is running on RAM32(cache_mem=16) HDD1.3G(cache_swap=300)
pent 120

Thankful in advance to any info.

Zeus V. Panchenko 
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