Re: Q. HTTP requests per half hour

From: Peter C. Norton <>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 11:47:11 -0400

On Sat, Sep 12, 1998 at 06:27:39PM +0300, Zeus V. Panchenko wrote:
> For example:
> If number of http requests per half hour is 1000-2000 it's OK, but if 3000
> it's necessary to add RAM or change processor or anything else.
> My squid 1.1.16 is running on RAM32(cache_mem=16) HDD1.3G(cache_swap=300)
> pent 120

Umm... is your cache slowing down? If so, is the system swapping? If so,
upgrade it. Look at the access log and see how long requests are taking
to fill. Are any taking more then a millisecond from cache? Then perhaps
you should get some more ram.

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