Re: Squid is becoming slow with 3000 ACL's ...

From: Allen Smith <>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 22:45:53 -0400

How about converting Squid to use a DFA instead of a NFA engine, at
least when things like backreferences weren't present? Some code may
be cannibalizable from GNU grep for this purpose. Admittedly, for good
speed this would require keeping the compiled form of the regex in
memory, inflating further Squid's memory usage.


P.S. While I disapprove of the use of Squid ACLs for censorship (by
parents, schools, or whoever), one can use them for the reverse
(namely going direct, not to a possibly monitored parent cache, when
something appears possibly sensitive).

Allen Smith
Received on Sun Sep 13 1998 - 19:46:58 MDT

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