Problems in setting up Squid as transparent proxy

From: Luca Lazzeroni <>
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 10:15:36 +0200

I'm trying to set up my Linux box (RH 5.1 - Kernel 2.0.35) as a transparent
proxy using Squid 1.1.22.
I've read thw whole FAQ, setup the route-map on the Cisco 2511 (cisco IOS
11.1.16), setup Squid in httpd accelerator mode, redirected requestes to my
linux box on port 80 to the 8080 port (the one in which I've installed the

The problem is that my cisco router doesn't forward packets to the Squid
box; if I use the "sh route-map" command on the cisco, I see that NO packet
is matching the criteria, so NO packet is to be routed to the squid box.

The strange things are that I've setup the access-list 110 following the FAQ
guidelines (obviously changing the IP address of my server, but I must say
that my server is attached to the WAN via another cisco router, so the line
about the squid box isn't very necessary).

Is there anyone who can help me and suggest me what to do ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Luca Lazzeroni
Network Manager of GV-Net
Internet Service Provider
Received on Sun Sep 20 1998 - 01:19:28 MDT

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