password for parent proxy

From: gdhgdh dhdhggh <>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 20:43:10 PDT

Help me, please!

I can't configure my squid (v1.0.17)
to connect parent proxy by using username and password
(I know them exactly and work with them at same
using for example netscape browser)!

My squid.conf has line:

cache_host <username>:<password>@<parent-proxy> paretnt 3128 3130

but squid can't resolve this URL.
Without "<username>:<password>@" in this ine -
all my squid's users must have different <username> & <password>
for each user/ip
(parent proxy restrictions)
but there are only one for my host where my squid runs.

Please, answer me!

Tom T. Rider

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