Re: FTP icons broken in 1.2beta25

From: Bob Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 19:18:24 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)

Hi again...

> Bob Franklin <> wrote:
> >I'm sure someone mailed about this before... but I can't find the reply
> >(I think I've deleted it) and I can't find any information on the WWW
> >pages about it... but the the FTP icons don't appear in when you do FTP
> >via Squid.

Duane Wessels <> wrote:

> You might just need to copy 'mime.conf.default' to 'mime.conf'
> in your $(prefix)/etc directory.

On further investigation, it appears to be two problems:

  - we have a rule http_access deny localhost (and local_domains)
    This seems to stop the retrieval of objects local to the cache.

  - we have authentication installed (username/password)
    My browser [Netscape 4.0x] doesn't seem to offer me an opportunity to
    enter this information.

I guess this is all down to the icon coming from a local URL
'' and our proxy.config autoconfiguration script
says 'fetch directly'... the cache denies this.

I'll have a think about how (if possible) to structure the rules such
that this sort of request is allowed, bypassing the above restrictions.

If not... some sort of fix...?

  - Bob

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