RE: File Descriptors

From: Jordan Mendelson <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:06:07 -0400

> I am using linux 2.1.74 for a squid proxy, and I just used the echo
> statements in my rc.local file at startup. Looks like this:
> echo 32768 > /proc/sys/kernel/inode-max
> echo 8192 > /proc/sys/kernel/file-max
> As I understood it, that is all I need to do for the FD problem.

I don't believe that will fix it, it only ups the total system FD's not the
per-process FD's. 2.1.100+ set 1024 File Descriptors by default (which Squid
incorrectly detects as 256)

> Is there a way to monitor FD usage in real time on the box?

The cachemgr.cgi that comes with the distribution can monitor it (1.1 and
1.2) as well as any snmp monitoring program (1.2)

> Also, is my kernel ok for use with a fairly heavily loaded Squid proxy?

Might want to upgrade to something newer... 2.1.118 and higher are in
feature freeze.. which means they are stablizing.... 2.1.x in general is
probably not a good idea to use in production machines unless you really
need to however.. I personally use 2.1.118 and 2.1.122 (SMP) and have had
no problems with Squd.


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