Re: Squid AsyncIO and LinuxThread

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 21:55:37 +0200

Apiset Tananchai wrote:

> Thank you Henrik, this would help a lot. BTW, since newer version
> of squid (1.2b24 and up) use SIGTRAP and SIGQUIT instead of SIGUSR1
> and SIGUSR2, to debug them line 1 and 2 above should change
> accordingly, right?

Nope. The handle commands are for the same reason that the above change
was made. SIGUSR1 & 2 are used by Linux Threads, and Squid wont work
properly if gdb traps these.

> When squid got an assertion, I can see assertion message in squid.out.
> What strange is that I never see a message from the system to my pager
> when squid got an assertion. (/usr/local/bin/pager use to send a
> message to my pager).

You have to add the -N option to Squid to get this. The same is true to
my gdb hack (I forgot about that one. I should have checked why I always
start Squid using -CDNYd3 when I am debuging it.).

Whithout -N squid starts in daemon mode, watching itself like RunCache

Henrik Nordström
Sparetime Squid Hacker
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