Re: Configuration: How best to use squid?

From: Paul Gregg <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 23:04:55 GMT

In article <> you wrote:
> I am considering setting up squid to do web caching (of course). However I
> am not sure which configuration to use. I have Linux running as a firewall
> and internet gateway with apache performing proxying and caching in addition
> to being the local intranet web server.

> My dilema is, how do I configure squid. LAN consists of approximately 30
> active web users on a shared dialup line via Linux box:
> - on the same linux box
> - on another linux box
> - do I turn off the apache proxy and allow squid to to all proxying
> - do I leave apache proxy and point apache to squid

> I'm thinking to allow apache proxy to run on the default port 80 and point
> it to squid on the same machine on another port. Of course I will turn off
> the caching feature in apache. How efficient will this configuration be?

No, simply get rid of apache. Install squid on port 80 *** bound only to the
LAN IP address *** and set it up as a cache and proxy. You shouldn't
be using the firewall as your intranet webserver at all.

If you must have apache on port 80, then read the Transparent Proxy part
of the FAQ and make sure your IP firewalling is setup to protect yourself,
then you'll be home and dry.


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