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From: Dancer <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:45:05 +1000

"Francis A. Vidal" wrote:
> hello everyone,
> i'm trying to build a list of sites that i want to ban. i'm getting the
> list from the logfile of all the sites that have been visited by all
> users.
> this is the format of the logfile:
> 907389399.705 61 TCP_HIT/200 2172 GET - NONE/- image/gif
> can someone help me on creating a script that will extract all domains
> that has no TCP_DENIED tag to a file with no duplication? i'm not familiar
> with sed, gawk or perl so i need your help on this.
> i would like the format to be (from the above example) one domain per
> line:

There's not a terrible lot of distinction between domain names, and
fqdn's. So:

fgrep -v TCP_DENIED access.log | cut -d/ -f4 | cut -d: -f1

gets you all the host names. If you want to pare it to domains, go play
count the dots with the output.


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