Re: "No route to host" error?

From: Stefan Rompf <>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 15:32:57 +0100

At 02:10 05.10.98 +0930, Steven Bolbot wrote:

> I've set up Squid on my linux box and am using it as a proxy
> server for my Windows 98 PC. It works fine most of the time,
> but when I try to access a URL that has "cgi-bin" in it, I get
> a "no route to host" error returned. I have squid set to
> cascade from my ISP's proxy as well.

/me hates HTML-mail

Your provider might have blocked port 80 access to the outside to force all
customers to use their proxy, but the hierarchy_stoplist option might tell
your Squid to try direct connections for URLs with 'cgi-bin' or '?' in it.
Using a empty hierarchy_stoplist will help.

cu.. Stefan

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