R: R: Squid 1.2b25 bug?

From: Tony Martino <T.Martino@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 17:00:28 +0200

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Da: Duane Wessels <wessels@ircache.net>
A: Tony Martino <T.Martino@tno.it>
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Data: venerd́ 2 ottobre 1998 18.59
Oggetto: Re: R: Squid 1.2b25 bug?

>"Tony Martino" writes:
>>Hi Mr. Duane,
>>I thought about a possible loop, because I have the impression that some
>>tasks keep repeating into the squid cache log file.
>the "looping" you saw is normal.
>>However, my problem is the following:
>>I successfully run the squid daemon, but when I start to test it with IE4
>>Netscape trying to get some URL, the session hangs without signalling any
>>timeout either. From "netstat -a" output I find that the squid daemon has
>>correctly accepted the request coming from my browser client, but it seems
>>that nothing else happens after that, i.e. there is no activity showing
>>squid is going to contact the remote site.
>>Weirdly enough, the squid version 1.2b22 used to work correctly in the
>>latter respect.
>Maybe it is trying to look up the IP address? Sometimes that takes
>a long time.

No. It's impossible, because we have a local DNS and because the same things
happens with local www server.

However, today I successfully compiled squid 2.0 RELEASE but I'm still
getting the same problem.
How can i debug the session between squid and my client, without enabling
the full debug ALL,9?

Best regards.

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