From: RZ Dietmar Rahlfs <RAHLFS@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 17:16:14 +0100


we are running Squid 1.1.22 on a Linux 2.0.35 PC. The WWW browser
is Netscape 3.04.

I have observed that there are sometimes cached object that
will be RELEASEd and CLIENT_REFRESHed each time when I want
to retrieve the document (not all elements of the document
are handled this way). In the access.log there is always a
TCP_HIT entry and 1-5 seconds later a CLIENT_REFRESH entry
to the same URL (http://www.frankfurt.de/deutsch/5verkehr/

The chronical sequence is:

The object has no Last-Modified or Expires header (-2 -2 in

What's the matter?

Dietmar Rahlfs
Received on Mon Oct 05 1998 - 08:19:04 MDT

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