Proxy_auth with Squid 2.0

From: ADELINE E InfoEmiAsp <>
Date: 06 Oct 1998 18:17:00 +0200

I try to migrate from 1.1.22 to 2.0. And I have toubles migrating all my
Specifically, I am unable to use the "acl aclname user username. .." option.
Those ACL work fine for me in 1.1.22. I use them to block some FTP sites and
 HTTPS sites to specific authentified users (please note that I don't use ident
lookups). AFAIK, Squid 1.1.22 makes no distinction between usernames
returned by ident lookups and by proxy authentication.

In 2.0, authentication is done by external authenticator. AFAIK the username
 validated by the authenticator is stored in a different place than the ident
lookup result (which remains an empty string). Therefore the "acl user" never
match since its argument is compared to an empty string.
I had a quick look to Arjan's patch for 1.1.20 and it seems to exhibit
exactly the same problem.

I plan to further investigate and to write some patch if I get no better
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