AIX 4.1.4 problems

From: Modest M. Sokolov <>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 19:01:24 +0400 (????)

I've tryed the squid on AIX 4.1.4. with the simplest compilation options:
./configure --prefix=/opt/squid
And I've tryed to run it with the simplest configure file, like in the
But when I try to use it with Netscape, Netscape hangs in the connection with
After killing squid, Netscape reported: "A network error occurred while
Netscape was receiving data."
There are nothing in the log files (access.log) about this session.
But it works with the same configuration on Linux.

Any ideas?

Modest Sokolov
Received on Tue Oct 06 1998 - 08:01:06 MDT

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