Re: AIX 4.1.4 problems

From: Christian Krackowizer <>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 13:06:44 +0200

At 11:34 07.10.98 +0400, you wrote:
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>> At 19:01 06.10.98 +0400, you wrote:
>> >Hello,
>> >I've tryed the squid on AIX 4.1.4. with the simplest compilation options:
>> >./configure --prefix=/opt/squid
>> >And I've tryed to run it with the simplest configure file, like in the
>> >But when I try to use it with Netscape, Netscape hangs in the connection
>> with
>> >web-site.
>> >After killing squid, Netscape reported: "A network error occurred while
>> >Netscape was receiving data."
>> >There are nothing in the log files (access.log) about this session.
>> >But it works with the same configuration on Linux.
>> Hmm, AIX is always a bit tricky - there are UNIXes and there is AIX - what
>> compiler did you use? We do not run squid on AIX, but some other packages
>> (e.g. bind) and had no problems with gcc
>$ uname -a
>AIX host1 1 4 00242AD0E000
>$ gcc -v
>Reading specs from /opt/gcc/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-ibm-aix4.1.4.0/
>gcc version

It is a problem. I compiled 2.0PRE on AIX 4.1.5-010 with the same gcc.
Installed it, copied my squid.conf from our production machine (OSF 3.2C)
changed 2 or 3 lines (UID, GID, parent...) and up - looks all well.
But there's no reponse on port 3128. You don't need Navigator, you can
simply 'telnet machine 3128' and hang...

regards from Austria


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