R: AIX 4.1.4 problems

From: Tony Martino <T.Martino@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 08:48:06 +0200

Everithing was OK until squid 1.2b22, then I've tried to run squid versions
1.2.b24 .. b25 and the new 2.0 too, on a Risc/6000 machine with AIX 3.2.5
getting the same result.

Dr. Tony Martino

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Data: marted́ 6 ottobre 1998 17.02
Oggetto: AIX 4.1.4 problems

>I've tryed the squid on AIX 4.1.4. with the simplest compilation options:
>./configure --prefix=/opt/squid
>And I've tryed to run it with the simplest configure file, like in the
>But when I try to use it with Netscape, Netscape hangs in the connection
>After killing squid, Netscape reported: "A network error occurred while
>Netscape was receiving data."
>There are nothing in the log files (access.log) about this session.
>But it works with the same configuration on Linux.
>Any ideas?
>Modest Sokolov
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