Re: How to Restrict Both Clients and Hosts?

From: Teemu Peltonen <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 09:15:24 +0300 (EEST)

> passwords, and clients don't have Ident. I can get Squid to either
> restrict clients or restrict hosts, but not both. Can Squid do this?

Sure, but this one is straight from my memory and thus could be wrong.
However, you'll get the point.

> acl all src
> acl goodclients src [list of IP numbers]
> acl goodhosts dst [list of IP numbers]
> acl stophosts dst

They are good, but:

> http_access allow goodclients
> http_access deny all
> http_access allow goodhosts
> http_access deny stophosts

This should be:
http_access allow goodclients goodhosts
http_access deny all

I.e. allow if both goodclients AND goodhosts are true, else deny.

Notice! You can have more than just one acl on one http_access line. It's
mentioned somewhere around line #940 on Squid's original config file.

I hope this helps,

Teemu Peltonen     Netti Finland sysadmin
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