Size of cache-digests ...

From: Henny Bekker <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 00:13:33 +0200 (METDST)

Hi Alex,

I'm curious to the size of the cache-digest and if it is locked into RAM
memory.. On our toplevel cache with 512-MByte RAM and a cache-disk of
16-MGByte whe have had cache-digest enabled.. We also have a number of
Squid v2.0 clients and a number of Squid v2.0 sibling caches which have
also their cache-digest enabled.. I wonder how much RAM it will occupy
and if this might be the reason the system was swapping... [With squid
v1.1.22 it did nog swap..]

Cheers, Henny

PS What does the "Enable Forw/Via database" option does ?? Is it being
   used in coherence with cache-digest ??

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