Re: linux reboots by itself

From: bart <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 07:54:32 +0800


I had the same problem with me linux box running squid, I fixed it by
makeing the default open file descriptors lower in the kernel config
option, if you want more you can do an echo to the /proc (I think)
And you have to do a "ulimit -n <how many FD you want>" in the shell you
run and compile squid in. The place where I have put it in my redhat 5.1
squid box id /etc/profile.

Hope this helps


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> Hi,
> I installed a new linux-box (Siemens Nixdorf Primergy 560 with adaptec
> 2940). Everything went fine. I then applied the filehandle patch v8.01
> and made a new kernel. When i try to boot with that kernel, it gets
> until "now booting" and then just reboots, infintely looping. I tried
> compiling with modules, without modules, no matter. Has anyone any idea?
> I canīt use the original kernel, since squid would just die on 256
> handles...
> Lars
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