squid 1.1.2 and redhat 5

From: David Shelby <tatter9@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 17:27:42 PDT

I am real new to this linux stuff and squid. I have inherited this
setup and it works real fine from my standpoint. I have it running in a
public library and it has apparently been up without fail for 117 days
which is 60 days prior to my arrival. My director is getting pressure
to do some form of filtering. We have pretty much decided to use
smartfilter as the product. We will only be filtering about 10 public
pc's and macs and leaving the other 10 unfiltered along with 10 or so
staff pc's. I want all the machines to be able to take advantage of the
proxy but I only want to filter 10. Is there anyway to do this? Do I
need to set squid to somehow run twice on a different port with a
different cache? I have been poking in squid.conf and the faq. Can
anyone suggest a could quick and dirty guide to linux too. I apologize
for my inexperience but I am really stumped.

hardware wise we have a pentium 200 with 64mb of ram and a 4GB disk the
disk has a 1gb cache and I think thats all we are running at present.
Oh the swap is 128mb and I have been told it was a full redhat install
so I think I have another 2gb or so to play with.

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