Re: How can I get size of Doc?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 14:09:07 -0600

Jawaheer GC writes:

>I am analysing Squid 1.1 native format log files, trying to find the size
>of the documents that were returned to clients after a GET request was
>made by the latter. Can anybody tell me how to do so? The 'bytes' field in
>the logs will usually (under circumstances) represent the size of the
>document plus some header.
>Is that header size a constant for a particular cache code/status?

the header size is not constant, but you could probably calculate
an average value.

Squid logs the content-length value in store.log.

908222817.810 SWAPOUT 0106032B 200 908222817 906421748 -1 image/gif 1830/1830 GET

Its the 9th column, with two values separated by '/'

The first value is the expected content-length, taken from the reply
headers. the second value is the actual content length.

Duane W.
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