Squid's causing undesired dial ups ?

From: Florian Koch <koch@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 22:14:07 +0200


I am using Squid Version 1.1.18 (which has probably nothing
to do with my problem) on Linux 2.0.35

My question is:
On my Linux system I a have an ISDN dial-up-on-demand and an ethernet
adapter. There is also squid running. Sometimes when I was surfing
around and I stopped. Squid keeps on causing several dial ups.
In the squid.conf I set the quick_abort option to -1 0 0.

So I assume that squid shouldn't go on downloading unretrieved

With netstat I figured out that there are often some FIN_WAIT_2 connections
remaining in my TCP/IP socket.

I setup also also a parent cache. Has squid the desire to communicate with
his "brother" sometimes ?

Can anybody give me a hint what I should do to avoid undesired dial ups.
It's a really anoying problem that I have mentioned quite often now.

I am sure that this is a often asked question. I was looking around a bit
but I didn't find satisfying answers.

Thanx in advance

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