Re: Squid-2.0-PATCH2 SNMP

From: Glenn Chisholm <>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 18:33:36 -0600 (MDT)

> > With the change of the mib.txt to SMIv2, I now have a fairly busted (and
> > recently patched mrtg-2.5.1). Can anyone point me at a patch for mrtg ?
> While I've not investigated it yet, it may be possible that either the
> mib.txt file, or something in the SNMP code in Squid is broken.
        Nothing new is broken. We simply moved the SNMP agent in squid to
a new OID. Which means that the "old" mrtg patches willnot work. I have
been writing some more, however I keep jumping to other tasks. I should
baring other incidents have the patches ready tomorrow,
> 2.0R here spews all manner of SNMP errors when you do a reconfigure on it.
> Comes up OK first time - it's only the reconfigure that spews.
        That is due to the fact that the MIB uses the SMI 2, however the
CMU library that we used can not parse it. This is again not an issue we
will issue a patch to stop these messages tomorrow.
> It runs properly though, so I haven't investigated it any further yet.
> So, it may not be MRTG that's broken...

        Nothing is broken. MRTG is just not properly configured.

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