Re: NEED HELP: Problems with squid and dns...

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 11:36:53 -0600

Rainer Klier writes:

>> Squid itself is not the problem, because when I start dnsserver and type
>> '' I get:
>> $name
>> $h_name
>> $h_len 4
>> $ipcount 1
>> $aliascount 0
>> $end
>> _That_ is strange, isn't it?! Where can the problem be? Still looking
>> forward...
>Hmmm ... MEANWHILE experiencing the same problem here. I have a
>dnsserver, which I compiled in April, as far as I can remember with
>Standard SGI cc (which is not available for me right now, so I cannot
>reproduce this effect). This dnsserver works fine (squid-1.1.21).
>Today I recompiled the same source with gcc 2.8.1 ... an I have the same
>effects: dns lookups are always resolved either in or
>Dunno where the problem is.
>Did you solve the problem meanwhile ?

FYI, I received this today:

        To: <>
        Subject: Problem with squid 2.0.patch2 and SGI IRIX 6.2
        Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:32:30 +0200

        Dear squid team!

        I would like to provide you with some feedback regarding my
        installation of squid.2.0.patch2 on a Silicon Graphics Indy
        running IRIX 6.2. Not being a regular squid news-reader I hope
        that this e-mail address is a good place to contact you.

        1. Environment
        SGI Indy, IRIX 6.2 with patches up to about may 98
        GNU gcc 2.8.1

        2. Symptom Compilation, linking and installation with gcc 2.8.1
        - no problem. Starting squid - no problem, no error messages.
        When a browser tried to access a page using squid as proxy,
        squid generated the message "Connection Failed" and mentions
        error "(13) Permission denied". Further investigation showed
        that "dnsserver" always returned "add 0" for
        any host lookup.

        3. Fix I rebuilt squid using the native IRIX cc compiler and
        replaced the version of "dnsserver" built with gcc by the one
        built with IRIX cc. All of the other files in squid are still
        the ones built with gcc. This resolved the problem: this
        version of dnsserver (i.e. the one built with IRIX native
        compiler) works correctly and squid runs as it should.

Duane W.
Received on Tue Oct 13 1998 - 11:32:03 MDT

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