Re: %20 in URLs (was Re: Squid and spaces in URLs)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 03:13:54 +0200

Marc van Selm wrote:

> In url.c we change %xx into a character.
> uses %20 in their URL's (stupid?) This translates here in a space and
> so triggers a protocol error.

I don't know what Squid you are using, but mine handles %20 URL's fine. does however not work, but the reason to this is
KPN Telecom;Ptt-Telecom;h;" which does contain unencoded spaces.

> But now the question: what is the rational behind the function
> url_convert_hex and is %20 in an URL really illegal?

%20 is fully legal. Unencoded spaces isn't fully legal.

> If not we could decide to patch this function to leave these type
> of URL (or just the %20) alone.

%20 is left alone.

Squid 2 never touches the URL path when forwarding requests. The
%escaping/unescaping code is only used when gatewaing to ftp,wais or

Henrik Nordström
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