Re: %20 in URLs (was Re: Squid and spaces in URLs)

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 09:01:19 +0200

Henrik & Duane,

Apparently I was to quick in my conclusion. You are right the %20 is no
changed. You both pointed out that squid only changes this for gopher & FTP.
Makes indeed more sense to me...

Also the site just got their act together so the problem just isn't
reproducible. (I hate this... problems disappearing by itself...)

The problem site had a URL which failed with squid-2.0PATCH2. The only thing I
could find is a URL with al lot of the %20's. This triggered a
"error:missing-http-ident" (while it was there in the request according to my
RMON). I enabled relaxed-http-parsing in the makefile and did a redirect (to a
local image) for this kind of (with %20) url and it worked. So you can
understand my conclusion (although a bit quick)

Sorry for the ignorance (but I must admit I learned a bit again so thank you


At 03:13 AM 10/17/98 +0200, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
(Duane Wessels <> wrote a similar remark)
>Marc van Selm wrote:
>> In url.c we change %xx into a character.
>> uses %20 in their URL's (stupid?) This translates here in a space and

>Squid 2 never touches the URL path when forwarding requests. The
>%escaping/unescaping code is only used when gatewaing to ftp,wais or

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