Re: can't download ftp .gz files

From: Dancer <>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 16:08:49 +1000

Francesc Guasch wrote:
> Hi, I got squid-2.0.RELEASE , and my client is
> Netscape-4.06 for win95
> When I try to download an ftp file that's a .tar.gz
> the file is uncompressed and showed in the screen.
> If I try to do a save as the command tar xzvf doesn't
> work, and it tells me it's not gzipped.
> When I turn off squid it works.
> I searched the archives and the FAQ and found nothing.
> I apologize if I have missed something obvious.
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Reason: Squid is supplying the mime-type that says it's compressed,
based on the file-extension, and then your browser is choosing to
decompress the object. In all likelyhood, previously, your browser had
no idea how to type the object, and just treated it as an opaque binary.
Now that squid2 can more readily identify it, the browser is cheerfully
decompressing it for you, thinking that that is probably what you want.

Either: disable it in your browser, or change the mime.conf file to
report application/octet-stream

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