Re: Squid 2.0 Patch 2 - Traffic and resource counters

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 11:24:12 -0600

Daryl Collins writes:

>Yes, looking at the patch between 1.2.beta25 and 2.0pre1 and manually
>patching the fwdAbortFetch code back into 2.0pre1, I see the bandwidth
>savings that I usually get under 1.2.beta25.
>I'm surprised that more people arent seeing this problem. I'm seeing it
>under solaris 2.5.1

1.2.beta had some bugs which always caused client-aborts to also
abort the server-side. Thats why fwdAbortFetch was removed.

Historically, Squid's default behaviour has been to continue
downloading after a client abort. You could change the
behaviour with the quick_abort options.

Duane W.
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