Re: ACL Lists

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 13:16:14 +0800

At 03:56 AM 21/10/98 +0000, wrote:
> Ok i tried the proxy checker of the squid website, and it said
>access denied, is this a new feature in squid 2.0? Because with 1.21 when
>you set the acls up it didnt allow access to 8080, but i see what you are
>saying by it allowing telnet access, it just wont work with their web
>browser, this correct?

Yes, they'll be able to telnet to the port, but after issuing a request
it'll spit out access denied (if it's setup correctly).

By default squid doesn't set up the rules, you do. That's the way it is
with 2.0 I think... I'm pretty sure that 1.2 allows everyone by default
but anyway. If you like, send me your squid.conf to me directly (dont CC
to the list) along with your IP addresses you want access to and I'll tell
you what you need to put in there.


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