Re: cachemgr.cgi: utilization

From: Jiri Randus <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:12:20 +0200

Stefan Leuchsenring wrote:

> The cachemgr.cgi of the squid 1.1.x has the item 'utilization' where you
> can find the recent 'hit rate' with a value like 0.41.
> The cachemgr.cgi of the squid 2.0.x does not have such a well-structured
> table and the value 'hit rate'.

AFAIK there is a hit rate stats at the bottom of the 'Cache Clients List',
in the following format:

ICP : 427724 Queries, 15599 Hits ( 4%)
HTTP: 39652 Requests, 18238 Hits ( 46%)

It is an aggregated summary for all the hits and misses of all the clients
(which are detailed in the List above the Totals). I guess it's the same as
Utilization in V1.1.x

I hope this helps...

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