Re: cachemgr.cgi: utilization

From: Robert Moss <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:41:01 +1000

Hi people,
    On the same subject, how would you measure how many kb/mb the cache has
downloaded from upstream or peers, and how many kb/mb the cache has sent to

On the Cache manager for 1.2 or 2.0, in the section "Cache Utilisation"
right at the end, there are several counters, but which one is KB in to the
cache, and KB out of the cache to clients?

is it:
server.http.kbytes_in for KB in to the cache from upstream, and
client_http.kbytes_out for KB sent to clients?


>Stefan Leuchsenring wrote:
>> The cachemgr.cgi of the squid 1.1.x has the item 'utilization' where you
>> can find the recent 'hit rate' with a value like 0.41.
>> The cachemgr.cgi of the squid 2.0.x does not have such a well-structured
>> table and the value 'hit rate'.
>AFAIK there is a hit rate stats at the bottom of the 'Cache Clients List',
>in the following format:
>ICP : 427724 Queries, 15599 Hits ( 4%)
>HTTP: 39652 Requests, 18238 Hits ( 46%)
>It is an aggregated summary for all the hits and misses of all the clients
>(which are detailed in the List above the Totals). I guess it's the same as
>Utilization in V1.1.x
>I hope this helps...
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