Proxy auth and redirectors

From: Sam Eaton <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:13:35 +0100

I have a custom redirector that uses the ident information passed to the
redirector to make decisions about where to redirect the request to.

I want to use the username returned by proxy-auth as the ident
information to pass to the redirector.

I used to do this successfully with 1.1, but it seems that in 2.0 the
ident returned by a real ident lookup and the username returned by
proxy_auth are stored in different places, and the redirector only looks
at the ident lookup.

What I've done is patched redirect.c to use the request->user_ident as
well as conn->ident.ident. Patch is attached.

This works fine, but what I'd like to know is was this the right thing
to do, or am I missing something really obvious?


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