Re: Multi Proc. Systems

From: Parabola <>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 08:01:00 +1100

At 02:43 24/10/98 -0500, Matt Hight wrote:
>Thanks all for the error msg thing. But I didn't take it i jusr modified
>what it said just a little bit.
>I was just wondering if Squid would benifit having a multi proccessor

Of coz it does! Even vi will run faster with an extra CPU! =)

>currently i have:
>p2 266, 128ram, 2 4.5gb 10k drives and a 4gb 6k, slakware 3.5, linux
>2.0.35, squid.2.1.pre1
>i have room for one more proc and was just wondering if i should go all
>the way?

When I's working at AT&T, we were testing a couple of boxes with similar
config like yours only diff HD and running Red Hat. 99% of the time, 5 min
avg loading is less than 0.30. (I plotted it with MRTG.) So my suggestion
is get more RAM instead of an extra CPU. (Can 2.0.35 handles more than
128Mb RAM? Anyone?) If u are sceptical then try plotting the CPU graph


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