Re: Why "user" is not a rigth acl type in the squid-2.1

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 07:27:09 +0100

Roger Peņa Escobio wrote:
> When i try to configure an user acl type, like the squid.conf say , i
> recibe the msg "incorrect acl type"?
> is that correct?

Yes. The acl "user" does not exists in Squid 2.1. You are probably
reading a older version of squid.conf. This ACL is renamed to ident, to
reflect what it really checks. It was renamed to avoid confusion with
proxy_auth acl type.

My intention was to have user as a alias for ident for the 2.1 release,
but apparently this got lost somewhere.

> acl UserAllow proxy_auth user1 user2 user3.....

Contraty to whats said in squid.conf, 2.1.PATCH2 does not pay attention
to any usernames listed in a proxy_auth acl. It always matches every
user accepted by the authenticate_program as if you had written

> when an user make a request out of SitiesAllow he/she get the
> authentification option no maner if he/she is out of UserAllow, is
> that correct? i realy prefere that only user1 or user2 or user3 ...
> has this option and the other users will be automaticaly denied. can i
> do that?

Not unless you have some method of distinguishing these users without
having them to authenticate with a login+password. To selectively deny
people Squid has to know how to identify them.

Henrik Nordstrom
Spare time Squid hacker
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