Why "user" is not a rigth acl type in the squid-2.1

From: Roger Peņa Escobio <roger@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 00:31:05 -0500

When i try to configure an user acl type, like the squid.conf say , i recibe the msg "incorrect acl type"?
is that correct?

acl UsersGood user user1 user2 user3......
i never did that before but recently a look a msg in this list where mention an example in squid-1.1.......
i like to do the same in my squid (squid-2.1-Patch2) .

another question, i'm try to configurate proxy_auth but don't got what i espect, maybe because i did a wrong configuration, this is what i did:

authenticate_program /usr/local/squid/bin/ncsa_auth /where/the/passwd/file/is
acl SitiesAllow dstdomain dst1 dst2
acl UserAllow proxy_auth user1 user2 user3.....
http_access allow SitiesAllow
http_access allow UserAllow
http_access deny ALL

 and this is what i need:

All user can access to SitiesAllow but no to all internet only the UserAllow can do that

and this is what i get :-)

when an user make a request out of SitiesAllow he/she get the authentification option no maner if he/she is out of UserAllow, is that correct? i realy prefere that only user1 or user2 or user3 ... has this option and the other users will be automaticaly denied. can i do that?
thanks for any help :-)
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