From: Helena <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 01:27:40 +0000

Hello Folks,

Squid works excellent when users have access to the browser settings. But
there are situations where it might only possible for a user to type in the
proxy server in the url just like

For example,

I have tried using redirectors but before the URL is passed on to the
redirectors, squid gives errors about illegal '/' url so
there seems to be no way for redirectors to correct this with regexs.

I know it is a matter of rewrite rules on apache but just how do let apache
convert the paths to squid if we left out the port (5000 in our case) like:

I would appreciate if anyone can help me or show me any way to achive this.

Thank you all for the time and efforts you have put into squid.

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