Re: --enable-async-io code status

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 17:29:57 +1100 (EST)

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Jens-S. Voeckler wrote:

> On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, David J N Begley wrote:
> >> >Platforms for which it could be considered non-experimental is probably
> >> >Linux with glibc-2.0.7 and Solaris 2.6?
> >> Probably, I don't know about Solaris.
> >What would you like people to look for in reporting whether or not
> >"enable-async-io" works on Solaris? (FWIW, I'm using this option on
> >Solaris 2.5.1.)
> I wouldn't know the concrete metrics for that, but "it works" (e.g. the

Well, assuming there are no major stumbling blocks I guess it's reasonably
safe to include Solaris 2.5.1 and upwards (in addition to Linux) in the
"non-experimental" list (though with caveats, just as there are against Linux
in the FAQ).

It'd be nice to have some sort of tests/metrics though, so the core Squid
authors could be sure whether or not Squid on Solaris with enable-async-io
worked sufficiently to their satisfaction.

> cache answers fast and reliably) with my local test caches (2.5.1+2.6, low
> load), but "it does not work" (e.g. the cache slowed considerably compared
> to non-aio) when testing on one of my production caches (2.5.1, toplevel
> cache). The latter may be a further indication that my disk subsystem on
> the old caches is not performing as well as I need it to.

Both my boxes are 2.5.1, one handling 188,000+ requests per hour (end users,
peering, child proxies, &c.) and the other handling only 45,000+ requests per
hour (some peering, plus the other proxy as a child using cache digests) -
each at opposite ends of our WAN. Both are running with AIO and have
similarly configured cache disk subsystems.

Performance on the two proxies (per cachemgr) is:

Median Service Times (seconds) 5 min 60 min:
        HTTP Requests (All): 0.12106 0.27332
        Cache Misses: 0.68577 0.76407
        Cache Hits: 0.03829 0.04047
        Near Hits: 0.89858 0.94847
        Not-Modified Replies: 0.01847 0.02592
        DNS Lookups: 0.01852 0.01609
        ICP Queries: 0.00687 0.00774

Median Service Times (seconds) 5 min 60 min:
        HTTP Requests (All): 0.15048 0.16775
        Cache Misses: 0.89858 1.05672
        Cache Hits: 0.02742 0.02742
        Near Hits: 0.64968 0.94847
        Not-Modified Replies: 0.00865 0.01469
        DNS Lookups: 0.00669 0.00779
        ICP Queries: 0.00298 0.00298

Unfortunately I haven't run without AIO on 'em (that is, when using Squid 2.x)
so I have no before/after comparison - but as you said above, "it works".


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