Re: FDs & linux again.

From: Pedro Ribeiro <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:38:11 -0000

I'v detected a "look like" problem in another program i was developing some
weeks ago, please verify if the correct includes are beeing used, in my
case, some .h's were "#undef ing" some +256FD needed values and redefining
them with wrong/old system values.

Insert the fallowing code near the "select" code in squid.

    assert( sizeof(fd_set)*8 >= FD_SETSIZE );
    assert( FD_SETSIZE >= NR_OPEN );

And see if the assert's fail!

Good luck.

  Pedro Ribeiro
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From: Pawel Pierscionek <>
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Date: Segunda-feira, 11 de Janeiro de 1999 18:13
Subject: FDs & linux again.

>I have the FD problem and I'm fighting with it a long time.
>I've patched the linux 2.0.35 kernel just as it was suggested some
>time ago on the list.
>No matter if I use select or pool I have problems like unable to fork
>This is what squid says before I kill it :
>comm_poll: poll failure: (12) Cannot allocate memory
>All this happening long before 256FDs magic number is hit.
>Is there any solution ?
>Pawel Pierscionek
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