Re: FDs & linux again.

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 13 Jan 1999 00:39:26 +0100

In article <>,
Pawel Pierscionek <> wrote:
>> Sounds like your kernel's FD_SETSIZE is larger than the value of same
>> that your application was compiled with. I believe that that can cause
>> memory overruns in your application that can cause this sort of
>> behaviour.
>> I should think it's safe for the application's value to be higher than
>> the kernel's, but dangerous to the life of the app to have it the other
>> way around.
>Squid ./configure says:
>checking Default FD_SETSIZE value... 3072
>checking Maximum number of filedescriptors we can open... 3000
>May this be a problem ?
>Kernel is compiled with FD_SETSIE=3072

Did you use the filehandle.patch.linux patch (v8.04 is the latest,
I think) or did you just increase the FD_SETSIZE value in the
kernel? In the latter case, that's your problem. You really
want the filehandle.patch.linux thingy.


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