Re: FDs & linux again.

From: Pawel Pierscionek <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 15:18:04 +0100 (EET)


> Sounds like your kernel's FD_SETSIZE is larger than the value of same
> that your application was compiled with. I believe that that can cause
> memory overruns in your application that can cause this sort of
> behaviour.
> I should think it's safe for the application's value to be higher than
> the kernel's, but dangerous to the life of the app to have it the other
> way around.
Squid ./configure says:
checking Default FD_SETSIZE value... 3072
checking Maximum number of filedescriptors we can open... 3000

May this be a problem ?
Kernel is compiled with FD_SETSIE=3072

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