Re: FDs & linux again.

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 10:18:52 +1100

Pawel Pierscionek wrote:
> Hi,
> HN> First of all poll is not implemented in 2.0.35. It will be (or is) in
> HN> Linux 2.2, if your libc has a proper kernel call for it.
> It's funny, because my system is more stable with poll emulation than
> with select.
> >> This is what squid says before I kill it :
> >> comm_poll: poll failure: (12) Cannot allocate memory
> HN> You are probably running out of memory or the poll emulation in libc
> gets upsed by FDs >> 256 (quite likely actually).
> Yes, but it happens near FD no. 170 (poll | select).
> I have somewhere beetween 60-120MB + 250 MB swap free at the time!
> Pawel,

Sounds like your kernel's FD_SETSIZE is larger than the value of same
that your application was compiled with. I believe that that can cause
memory overruns in your application that can cause this sort of

I should think it's safe for the application's value to be higher than
the kernel's, but dangerous to the life of the app to have it the other
way around.

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