timeout problems

From: Lutz Aicher <Lutz.Aicher@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:52:31 +0100


in the end of 1998 we switched from an old CERN proxy to SQUID
(2.0PATCH2). Since then the users are complaining about the performance
of the system. They constantly get "Document contains no data" messages
from Netscape. As well are there problems with downloads that stop at
80% and don't move further. I expected the performance to go up, but it
I thought this might be a problem with the timeout settings and took
much higher values as the default ones. Here is what they look like:

connect_timeout 600 seconds

siteselect_timeout 300 seconds

read_timeout 15 minutes

request_timeout 600 seconds

client_lifetime 1 day

pconn_timeout 300 seconds


Can I improve the performance of my system through setting the timeout
values diefferently?


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