Offline cache

From: Andrea Venturoli <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:31:45 GMT


I'm trying to put up a personal cache with Squid/2.1.PATCH2 on OS/2, in order
to be able to go back to the page I've visited, after I've gone offline.
The behaviour I'd like to get from Squid is: work normally and try to check for
page freshness when appropriate, but show me the one in the cache (even if
stale) if network is unreachable (TCP_REF_FAIL_HIT).
What I get instead is a lot different: objects get cached for less than two
minutes, and they are always rechecked (seems they appear constantly stale).
I've tried putting the offline_mode tag in my config file, but it didn't make
any difference (besides, I'd really like it to check freshness when network is

Now I'm totally lost: I've read the manual, release-notes and FAQs, analized
the logs, but I didn't get to anything. Notice I had previosly been able to set
up Squid 1.1.15 (apart from TCP_REF_FAIL_HITs).

Do you have any hints, any sample squid.conf, any tutorial, web page or
whatsoever I could use?

 Bye & Thanks

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