Re: log parsing script.

From: Stuart Young <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:38:23 +1100

At 14:06 21/01/99 +1100, Deene wrote:
>I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a squid log parsing script, that will
>mail out a small report each morning, about the previous nights usage. It
>only needs to include things like Cache Hits(MB), Gross ThroughPut(MB),
>maybe Average and Max. Requests/Hour.. I've found most of the scripts
>advertised on have "too" much info.. they're several screen
>sizes (page downs). Im only looking for about a 1 page report (straight to
>the point kind of thing).

I can sort of guess you're talking about Calamaris..

If the summary page is all you need, you might try just creating it as a
file, and using head to chop off x amount of lines from the start of the
file and send that to you. I should always be the same size. You might need
to come up with some creative use of head, tail, and other similar commands
to come up with your wanted result, and it allows you to keep a full
breakdown of the traffic for later persual if needed.

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