Re: squid and different parents for different procotols?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 02:51:32 +0100

Marc Haber wrote:

> Is that a recent option? If so, I should definetely update :-) I am
> running squid 2.0.patch2 with a config file that still says "welcome
> to squid 1.2". No wonder I didn't find that. What version was it
> introduced?

Sorry, I gave you the old name. I should have said cache_peer_access
(cache_peer_acl was in some 1.2betas, but changed into cache_peer_access
before 2.0 was released, 1.2.beta24 i think).

cache_peer_access is available in all Squid 2 releases. See
squid.conf.default if you have upgraded and have kept a earlier copy of

Henrik Nordstrom
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