Re: squid storage: stripes vs separate drives for cache dirs

From: <>
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 13:47:31 +0200

Hello John,

> To add a data point to this debate, I have two identical Solaris 7
> machines with identical diskpacks on them. On one I have striped up the 6
> disks and am using a logging filesystem using ODS. On the other I'm using
> the logging filesystem now part of Solaris on each of the 6 disks mounted
> as separate cache directories.
> The performance difference between the two machines at their current
> loading is negligable. Therefore the benefit of not loosing all your
> cache when you blow or add disk is probably as good a reason as another
> for chosing multiple cachedirs.
But that may count only, if disk I/O already is the or one of the
bottlenecks on at least at one of your systems.

It's quite the same at our systems: currently we are running one with
async-io and the other one without this option, both configured with
a big stripe of 5 disks.

At the current load we mostly see no performance differences.

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