From: Joel Taqueban <>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 18:56:53 +0800

Just questions on the caching:

As I understand when a client requests web pages via the proxy it caches
and stores the them on the proxy so that when another client tries to
access the same page they are actually accessing the proxy's cache
without the proxy again accessing the pages from the site.

I've got concerns though:

   There are some server sites that almost update its pages every hour,
such as news sites
     like CNN News, BBC News, etc. I just wonder how does Squid handle
these kind of
    web pages? I mean, how do you define a 'time to live' for these
kind of pages since
    they change every now and then? For example, at 0700 hrs. a
certain client checks
    CNN news and such web page is cached on the proxy. At 0900 hrs.
same client
    checks the same news site but surely that page has already been
updated. How does
    squid handle this? Does the proxy delete the previous page from
the cache and
    request a copy of the new one?


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