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From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 11:47:00 +1000

Joel Taqueban wrote:
> Just questions on the caching:
> As I understand when a client requests web pages via the proxy it caches
> and stores the them on the proxy so that when another client tries to
> access the same page they are actually accessing the proxy's cache
> without the proxy again accessing the pages from the site.
> I've got concerns though:
> There are some server sites that almost update its pages every hour,
> such as news sites
> like CNN News, BBC News, etc. I just wonder how does Squid handle
> these kind of
> web pages? I mean, how do you define a 'time to live' for these
> kind of pages since
> they change every now and then? For example, at 0700 hrs. a
> certain client checks
> CNN news and such web page is cached on the proxy. At 0900 hrs.
> same client
> checks the same news site but surely that page has already been
> updated. How does
> squid handle this? Does the proxy delete the previous page from
> the cache and
> request a copy of the new one?
> thanks,
> Joel

This is all fairly well documented, both in the documentation, config
file and FAQ. Your default cache-policy is a percentage of document age,
with two bounding limits.

See also:

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