AS based peer selection?

From: Guenther Blatzheim <>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 17:59:54 +0200

We used squid successful over the years. But by now the domain based peer
selection seems to be to static to me. As an alternative there should be a
AS based selection as well.

What I mean is that only the domain is no longer a very good indication for
the physical location of the server and therefor for the selection of the
(right) cache.

For example I'm using 4 remote caches, 2 in Germany, 2 in the US. Because
my connectivity within Germany is very good, I disable the entire .DE
domain with cache_peer_domain for requests of the US caches. But today alot
of .DE domains are hosted in the United States. Even think about .TO or .NU
Domains. So this behaviour will becoming more and more far from optimal.

On the other hand we ourself uses a .COM domain and are German based (with
our servers in Germany too). So sibling us from Germany in the US is a
waste of bandwidth.

My last example are the educational institutions in Germany. They don't use
.edu or another good feasable naming scheme. But they are AS1275 (at least
most of them).
If I would like to direct such requests to a special parent, a AS selection
would be the easiest and most accurate choice.

Maybe I have missed something regarding an AS based selection, but if not,
I think it will be a very good feature for the future of squid.


Guenther Blatzheim
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